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Webinar: International Law – Tailor Made for Israel with Prof. Robbie Sabel

UKLFI Charitable Trust held a webinar on “International Law-Tailor Made for Israel” With Professor Robbie Sabel, Chaired by Natasha Hausdorff, on Sunday 21 May 2023.

The essence of law is that it provides rules that apply to all situations within their scope. However, Israel often seems to be treated differently to other States under international law. In this webinar, Prof Robbie Sabel – former legal adviser of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomat, academic and author (most recently of “International Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict”) – examines whether international law is being twisted to denigrate and discriminate against Israel.


More about the Speakers:

Professor Robbie Sabel, Ph.D. is Professor of International Law at the Faculty of Law,  Hebrew University Jerusalem and visiting professor at Tel Aviv University. He is a Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

His former positions include Legal Adviser to Israel’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director General for Arms Control and Disarmament; Head of Israel Delegation, Taba arbitration with Egypt; Member of delegation, peace talks with Egypt, Jordan and Palestinians. He holds the personal rank of Ambassador.

His publications include: Procedure in International Conferences (2006),  International Law, (with Yäel Ronen)  (3rd edition 2016). International Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (published 2022)

Natasha Hausdorff is a barrister at 6 Pump Court Chambers and a frequent speaker on International Law. She has a law degree from Oxford University, qualified as a solicitor at Skadden, and subsequently gained an LLM from Tel Aviv University, focussing on public international law and the law of armed conflict.

She clerked for Miriam Naor, President of Israel’s Supreme Court, and was a Fellow at Columbia Law School’s National Security Program. Natasha is legal director of UKLFI Charitable Trust.