About UKLFI Limited and UKLFI Charitable Trust

UKLFI Limited

UKLFI Limited is a non-profit company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under no.07396781. It operates under the name UK Lawyers for Israel and is the successor to an association established under that name in 2011.

UKLFI Charitable Trust

UKLFI Charitable Trust is a separate entity. It is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under no. 1169041. It was set up in September 2016 to advance legal education on Israel and antisemitism and to provide legal support to victims of antisemitism, particularly antisemitism which manifests itself with regard to Israel.

The charity now conducts activities previously carried out by UKLFI Limited, that are within its charitable objects, while UKLFI Limited continues its operations in other areas.

The UKLFICharity.com website contains information about what the charity does, and features a Legal Resources section and a Legal Guide for Students.

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