Jerusalem Post 2 June 2019

‘Potentially massive losses’ warned if Ireland approves BDS bill

Jewish News 29 May 2019

UK online retailer ‘sorry’ for emailing Israeli customer: ‘Jews f*** us up’

Jewish News 28 May 2019

Iceland faces criticism after violating Eurovision standards

Arutz Sheva 20 May 2019

Will Hatari Prevail?

Iceland Monitor 13 May 2019

You can’t whitewash Jeremy Corbyn’s foreword to Hobsons’s ‘Imperialism’

Times of Israel Blog 9 May 2019

Judith Ornstein

Life Has Purpose, Hatari Fans Insist

Iceland Monitor 8 May 2019


Iceland’s Eurovision pick Hatari in Tel Aviv amid controversy

Guide to Iceland Now 6 May 2019

Charities are allowed to be political – if they’re left wing

The Spectator 4 May 2019

Interpal is David to Israel’s Goliath in the struggle to help Palestinians in need

Middle East Monitor 2.5.2019

The Apolitical Eurovision: Calls For Hatari To Withdraw From Eurovision Intensify

The Rejkjavic Grapevine 30 April 2019

The attacks on a great Palestinian charity by UK Lawyers for Israel must end

Middle East Eye 29 April 2019

Jonny Gould’s Jewish State with Jewish News features the incredible story of Bela Guttmann, as well as an interview with Jonathan Turner, chief executive of UK Lawyers For Israel

Jewish News 11 April 2019

Charity Commission warns Medical Aid for Palestinians about Funding Misuse

Jerusalem Post 25 March 2019 

Antisemitic float means Belgian carnival should lose Unesco status, Jewish humans right group says

Jewish Chronicle 18 March 2019 

Petition Requests UNESCO to Remove Aalst Carnival from Heritage List

Jerusalem Post 18 March 2019 

U.S., Israel Press ICC Against full War Crimes Probes

Jerusalem Post 17 March 2019 

U.S., Israel Press ICC Against full War Crimes Probes

Times of News 18 March 2019

About Time: Pro-Israel Lawyers Question Jurisdiction Of International Criminal Court

Daily Wire 15 March 2019

ICC Jurisdiction in Israel settlements case challenged

San Diego Jewish World 15 March 2019 


Lawyers Submit Arguments That ICC Has No Jurisdiction Over Israeli Settlements

Jewish Journal 15 March 2019 


Local radio station cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

Bristol Live 15 March 2019 


What is UK Lawyers for Israel’s relationship to the Israeli government?

Mondoweiss 12 March 2019 

UK Lawyers for Israel's logo


Charity Commission warns Medical Aid for Palestinians about Funding Misuse 

Jerusalem Post 27 Feb 2019 


JustGiving takes down Interpal fundraising pages after pro-Israel lawyers complain

Five Pillars 20 Feb 2019 


JustGiving removes Interpal fundraising pages

Charity Update 20 Feb 2019 

JustGiving removes Interpal fundraising pages


Just Giving deletes pages raising cash for charity accused of having Hamas links

Jewish Chronicle 18 Feb 2019 

Just Giving pages no longer available


JustGiving removes Interpal pages after protests from pro-Israeli group

Third Sector 18 Feb 2019 


In Tel Aviv, British experts warn of anti-Semitism across the UK

Jewish News Syndicate 15 Feb 2019 


Bristol radio show reported to Ofcom over antisemitism conspiracy claims

Jewish News 6.2.19


Malaysia’s ‘blatant discrimination’ of Israeli swimmers blasted by UK groups

Jewish News 15.1.19


Anti-Zionist Minority holds British Universities Hostage

Jerusalem Post 17.1.19


Crucial Lawyers

Jewish Telegraph 17.1.19

The Surprising New Battleground In the War Against Palestinian Rights: Your Local Courthouse

The Forward 7 January 2019 

The Foundation for Middle East Peace 7 January 2019

Fearless Support

Jewish Telegraph 4.1.19

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