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Racist ranter receives criminal caution

The racist who insulted a Jewish student in a Leeds pub in August this year  has received a criminal caution.  UKLFI director Daniel Berke assisted the victim of this antisemitic incident in making a report to the police following the incident, which occurred in a Weatherspoon pub.

Mr Stephen Smith, received a criminal caution and as a condition, must attend offence related sessions to address his racist behaviour.

Photos from Danielle Greyman-Kennard Facebook

Danielle Greyman-Kennard, a 21 year old student at Leeds University, filmed the incident as it took place,  on 6 August 20202, in a Wetherspoon pub in Leeds.  A man could be seen asking the victim if she is a Jew before saying ‘should have f***ing gassed the lot of you’.

Greyman-Kennard said that she was left shaking by the encounter and shared the footage online and in the Daily Mail, in the hope of identifying those involved.

Stephen Smith was contacted by West Yorkshire Police and voluntarily attended a police interview where he fully admitted and apologised for his behaviour.

It has since emerged that what happened in the Weatherspoon pub in August was not an isolated racist incident.  Mr Smith had regularly posted his violent racist and homophobic views, including a desire to see immigrants killed. Examples are here: .

Daniel Berke commented:  “Danielle showed tremendous courage in confronting Mr Smith who targeted her for being Jewish and had deliberately used the most offensive comments he could. I was pleased that UKLFI were able to assist this young student in making a complaint to the police and to ensure that the officer dealing with the case has a full understanding of this racially motivated incident.”