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Bristol radio station removes show with antisemitic content

The Politics Show has finally been taken off the air by Bristol’s community radio station, BCFM.   According to the presenter,  BCFM did not want to put their licence at risk during the Covid epidemic and ‘did not want the burden of a potential Ofcom complaint’.

This is an update on an issue we took an interest in some time ago –  BCFM,  the Ofcom regulated, charity funded community radio station in Bristol being used as a platform for hate.

The show has moved online only where it continues to broadcast conspiracy theories and hate. In his latest programme he claims Victor Rothschild pushed Margaret Thatcher to introduce the privatisation programme of the 1980s where “tens of mind-bogglingly billions of pounds of silver were auctioned off to the highest bidders, mostly to Rothschild’s kith and kin’.

This is clear antisemitism according to the IHRA definition.

When one of our members presented the Charity Commission and Ofcom with evidence of breaches of their rules by the show they failed to act.