UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

NHS doctors and Workers reported to Counter Terrorism Police for Hamas Support

Many NHS and private doctors, NHS workers and medical students have been expressing their support for Hamas’s actions on social media, and their hatred for Israel.

UKLFI, with the help of many volunteer lawyers, has been reporting those who post pro-terror content on social media to the counter terrorism police.

The offending doctors and NHS workers have been from all over the country..  The police are currently investigating a number of these offenders, including for example  a hospital worker who sent a malicious communication by email to a Jewish person saying “I don’t deal with Jews. F*** off.”  

UKLFI has also reported them to the General Medical Council and to their employers.

The messages that have been posted by doctors and medical workers include:

  • “According to Israel 6.5 billion people don’t deserve to live and you still support these people?. Israel thinks no one deserves to live except them. From their mouth directly, has nothing to do with mu$l!m$ to #Israel and #Israelis none of you deserve to L!ve!!!!. It may be us today but it will be all of you tomorrow!!!”  

  • “I personally don’t believe Israel has a right to exist. You can’t get up and displace almost a million locals from their homes, just because your religious book says your ancestors lived on that land 2,000+ years ago”.

  • I think it’s worth mentioning who bombed the hospital – I’ll do that for you; the illegal state of Israel (posted well after it was established that a Palestinian rocket misfired and hit the hospital)

  • “Dear Mr Sunak, you do not represent us. We stand with the oppressed in Gaza. You stand with the terror state in Israel formally known as Palestine. You stand with the murderers we stand with the righteous.”

  • “Anybody who refuses to condemn Israel and hides behind the “we are against all loss of civilian lives” narrative is a coward. There needs to be accountability. The perpetrators cannot hide and nor can those who refuse to condemn them – you are complicit and we will remember.”

  • “The Israeli and western fabrication of news that started on 7/10 is shameless and unprecedented. The Palestinian resistance succeeded in humiliating Israel in less than 6 hours, targeting military infrastructure and capturing military officials. The Israeli and western propaganda started to demonise what happened and spread pathetic lies about killing and raping children and women to justify a severely atrocious attack on Gaza later on….”

  • Close up picture of a man’s face with caption: “This’s an average Israeli Zionist idiot. We, the Arabs, are going to wipe you completely from the face of the earth! You can shove your Torah, your Talmud you Moses and all your prophets up your stinky a**.”

  • “Death to Israel” written above an Israeli Flag, crossed out.

Caroline Turner, director of UKLFI said: “We have been shocked that doctors, who are supposed to be sympathetic to victims have had this callous response to the Israeli victims of the massacre that took place on 7 October.  This is very alarming for Jewish patients to find that doctors and health workers are supporting the murder and mutilation of Israelis.”