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Barclays Bank stops assisting suspected Hamas site on Telegram platform

UKLFI has acted to remove all fundraising from a  Telegram Chat on the Telegram Platform believed to be used by the Hamas terror group.  Horrific images from Gaza were being displayed and a donations page was requesting “support and donation”.     Funds were being raised using a Barclays Bank account as well as by bitcoins.  UKLFI informed Barclays and the Barclays account has now been removed.

This site and its fundraising methods have also been reported by UKLFI  to the counter-Terrorism police.

Caroline Turner, director of UKLFI,  commented, “It is especially important to stop Hamas funding from all sources, including the Dark Web at a time when many well meaning people will be thinking of donating to help Gazan citizens.  Instead of helping the Gazan people, the money is likely to be funnelled to the Hamas terrorist group.”

The site has over 1.5 million followers, so huge amounts of money could be being raised in this way.

Since Hamas, as a terror organisation, is unable to use conventional methods of banking, it has turned to the dark web and bit coins as a way of fundraising.