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Whitworth Gallery displays rebuttal of Forensic Architecture Statement

Whitworth Gallery is now displaying a rebuttal of the statement by Forensic Architecture, having re-opened the Cloud Studies exhibition on Friday 20 August 2021.

The full statement, made by the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, is published here on Twitter.

Whitworth Gallery removed Forensic Architecture’s introductory statement on Friday 13 August 2021, following concerns expressed by UKLFI and other organisations and individuals. Forensic Architecture then demanded that the exhibition be closed if their statement was not restored.

Manchester University, which owns the Whitworth Gallery, decided to restore the Forensic Architecture statement. However, they agreed to display another statement by Manchester’s Jewish Representative Council, at the entrance to the exhibition, “contextualising” Forensic Architecture’s allegations.

Jonathan Turner, chief executive of UK Lawyers for Israel commented: “While we welcome this mitigation of some of the damage done by the misleading contents of the exhibition and its introductory statement, we remain concerned that the decision to host this exhibition was taken without due consideration of community relations.”