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UKLFI’s San Remo Video Event

UKLFI Charitable Trust has launched a series of San Remo Centenary talks on video today.

This week is the Centenary of the San Remo Conference of 1920.  This was an even more important step in the creation of the modern State of Israel than the Balfour Declaration. At this conference the Allied powers agreed on the future of the Middle East territories liberated from the Turkish Empire.  Palestine was allocated for the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home, under a British Mandate.

The agreement transformed the policy expressed in the Balfour Declaration from a unilateral aspiration of the British Government into a binding international agreement.

To celebrate this centenary we will be posting a series of talks on video on 26 April 2020 by:
  • Professor Eugene Kontorovich, Professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law, specializing in constitutional and international law and Director of the Kohelet Institute
  • Dr James Vaughan, lecturer in International History at Aberystwyth University and specialist in the history of British and American diplomatic policy towards the Middle East
  • Natasha Hausdorff, barrister and specialist in Public International Law
  • Andrew Tucker, Director of thinc, International Lawyer
  • Dr Matthijs de Blois, Senior Fellow, thinc, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University
  • Dr Cynthia Day Wallace, specialist in Internatioanl Economic Law
You will be able to see the videos on our Youtube Channel HERE  from 26 April 2020
or on our UKLFI Charitable Trust website HEREWe also have a section of San Remo resources, on our website, including articles, documents and original footage from the 1920s.

The Conference that we had planned for 26 April 2020 has been postponed as a result of the coronavirus, but we hope to reschedule it later in the year.