UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

SOAS student receives compensation for experiencing antisemitism

“I remain in awe of the outstanding work that you, Jonathan and the UKLFI team do. I am particularly struck by the amazing result at SOAS” – Jonathan Arkush (former President of the Board of Deputies)

“Bravo on SOAS!” – Prof. Anthony Julius (author of “Trials of the Diaspora” and other works)

“congratulations on your important win!” – Yifa Segal (Director, International Legal Forum)

“This is an excellent result. Congratulations to all involved” – Fiona Sharpe (Co-Chair, Sussex Friends of Israel)

“Congrats to Jonathan and all the team on this result” – Lucille Cohen (former President of Manchester Jewish Representative Council)

“Not before time – a good result” – Alice Lovell

“Wow!” – Anne Herzberg (legal advisor, NGO Monitor)