UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

Tesco’s Geography Lesson

Israel is now on Tesco Mobile’s website following a complaint by a customer, with the assistance of UKLFI. Tesco Mobile’s page, where you can find the cost of international calls between almost any pair of places in the world from Abkhazia to Zambia, did not, until very recently, include Israel, although the “Palestine Authority” was included.  Tesco had imposed its own one state solution.

Shalom Kupperman’s wife and daughter were in Israel, while he was in Leeds. On 21 August 2018 Mr Kupperman tried to check the costs of making calls from the phones in Israel to the UK and vice versa on Tesco Mobile’s website, as the family had Tesco mobile phone contracts.

Mr Kupperman said “I was shocked and dismayed to find that the drop down list on the Tesco Mobile web page had entries for just about every other territory in the world except Israel. As a result it was not possible to find out from this web page what these costs were.”

He added “On the face of it, this appeared to be completely unjustified discrimination against Israelis in Tesco’s provision of services to the public.  My family and I found it very upsetting.”

The drop down alphabetical list featured Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy …… but where was Israel?  And yet the list of countries under the letter P included Pakistan, Palestine Authority, Panama, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay.

UKLFI helped Mr Kupperman to write a letter to Tesco Mobile pointing out the discrimination.  We are pleased to report that Tesco Mobile has now recognised Israel’s existence.

Readers are encouraged to report other examples of discrimination by companies against Israel. UKLFI previously assisted an Israeli to obtain substantial compensation from Kuwait Airways for refusing to sell her a ticket