UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

Research network confirms  2021 conference in Israel after Boycott Decision Reversed

The  venue of the 2021 conference of the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation (ENMESH)  has been confirmed as Tel Aviv, Israel, after a decision to boycott Israel was reversed.

The 2021 conference was originally going to be held in Israel, but a decision was taken  to move it to Portugal due to threats from BDS supporters.  This decision was  reversed in 2019, following representations from UKLFI and our contacts in 8 other countries

ENMESH has now written to its members as follows, regarding the conference, which  will take place on 28-30 June 2021

It is with special pleasure that we welcome all stakeholders involved in mental health service evaluation to the XIVth ENMESH Conference. The central theme of the conference will be ‘Collectivism and Individualism in Mental Health’, with a focus on four subthemes: (1) immigration, (2) multiculturalism, (3) mental health in zones of conflicts and trauma, and (4) translating clinical guidelines to person centered care. In addition, a special section will be devoted to research related to mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic….

The venue of our meeting is the Dan Panorama Hotel in the lively city of Tel Aviv, located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline. The location offers opportunities to explore the rich history of the country as well as enjoying diverse cultural events and the rich nightlife of the city.”

Prof Zvi Ziegler, chair of the Israeli Universities’ Inter-Senate Committee and Counter Boycott Forum thanked UKLFI and others involved in the campaign against BDS commenting: “This could not happen without your assistance at the crucial moment”.

The decision to move the Conference away from Israel was drawn to UKLFI’s attention by Prof. Zvi Ziegler, on the recommendation of Philip Rosenberg of the Board of Deputies.   UKLFI wrote to members of ENMESH’s Executive Committee, asking them to reverse that decision and drawing their attention to certain legal and practical consequences that may follow if the decision is not reversed. Top scientists including Lord Prof. Robert Winston and Prof. Michael Yudkin also expressed their disapproval at Prof. Slade’s decision, and Baroness Ruth Deech tabled  questions in the House of Lords.

More details of UKLFI’s efforts regarding the ENMESH conference can be found HERE and HERE.