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Pearson to review anti-Israel textbook

Pearson Education says it will launch an independent review of a controversial GCSE textbook accused of containing anti-Israel views.  This follows letters written by UKLFI and others to Pearson Education, asking them to withdraw the textbook, which deals with recent Middle East History.

The textbook in question is  “History: Conflict, Crisis and Change: The Middle East, 1917 – 2012”   by Hilary Brash.  It is published by Pearson, with an endorsement by the Examination Board, Edexcel, which is owned by Pearson.

UKLFI alerted Pearson to a review of the first chapter of the textbook by researcher David Collier, who has  analysed the textbook, and found a litany of problems.  Pearson reportedly told Jewish News that it will “immediately launch an independent and impartial review” of the material and take action if warranted.

UKLFI has asked Pearson the following questions and is awaiting replies:

  1. Have you now withdrawn the Textbook from sale?

  2. Is the Textbook going to be reviewed by an impartial historian?  (as reported in the Jewish News?)

  3. Are you going to issue a warning to schools that have purchased the Textbook that it has now been withdrawn?

  4. Will you also withdraw and review the other book on the subject by the same author –  Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Conflict in the Middle East, c1945-1995 Student Book, also published by Pearson and endorsed for Edexcel (ISBN 978-1292127316).

David Collier’s blog is here: and his report “Indoctrinating Children in the UK, a textbook example” is here: