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No more Global Giving to terror linked Palestinian charity

Another funding source for Defence for Children International (DCI-P) appears to have closed down, as a result of the efforts of UK Lawyers for Israel.

Global Giving is a US based global crowdfunding community connecting non-profits and donors in nearly every country.  It had been promoting the funding of DCI-P, the Palestinian NGO which has various links to the terrorist organisation the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

DCI-P encouraged donors to give and claim tax relief, through the Global Giving platform.  Money could be donated by credit cards and Paypal.   DCI-P raised over $100,00 through the Global Giving website during 2018.

We wrote to Global Giving in July 2018, pointing out all the connections between DCI-P and the PFLP, and asking them to stop their association with DCI-P.  Global Giving not only ignored our letter, they made a DCI-P project their “Project of the Month”  in October 2018, and gave it special prominence on their website.

We then wrote to Paypal and the credit card companies, again pointing out DCI-P’s links to the terrorist organisation PFLP, and to the fact that their financial services were being used to raise money for DCI-P via the Global Giving platform.

We are pleased to report that DCI-P is no longer raising money on Global Giving.   DCI-P is not listed as one of the Global Giving charities in Palestine, and cannot be found by searching Global Giving’s website.

The two projects that DCI-P had been promoting on Global Giving, with a link from the “Donate” page of its website are described as “fully funded” and no further projects have been listed. No donations can be made to DCI-P via Global Giving.

DCi-P posted a report on 27 December 2018 on the Global Giving website confirming that it was not longer going to be using Global Giving. Priscilla Wathington, a DCI-P Project Leader  wrote:  “Looking ahead to 2019, we will be refocusing our fundraising efforts directly through our website instead of our GlobalGiving campaigns.”

In June 2018 UKLFI  succeeded in preventing DCI-P from receiving foreign currency donations by bank transfers from Citibank and Arab Bank PLC. (see previous news story)

Caroline Turner, director of UKLFI commented: “It seems that a major source of funding for DCI-P has closed.  We hope that the money that donors want to give to Palestinian childrens’ charities will now be directed to more legitimate organisations.”