UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

New appointments at UKLFI Limited

UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI Limited) is delighted to announce the election of two new directors at its AGM on 25 September:

Daniel Berke

Daniel Berke is a solicitor specialising in criminal and professional discipline law. He has acted in numerous high profile cases and has appeared on a variety of news and current affair programs to discuss aspects of criminal law and justice. He is also the producer of the PLOD police law podcast.

He was a recipient of the World Zionist Organisation Herzl Award and has served as Chair of the Zionist Central Council of Manchester. He is also a member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps for the World Jewish Congress.

His work included acting pro bono for the mother of the kidnapped (and sadly subsequently murdered) Israeli Soldier, Zach Baumel, in a freedom of information dispute with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Before becoming a director Daniel has been an active member of UK Lawyers for Israel. He has advised UK Lawyers for Israel in relation to potential private prosecutions and represented the organisation in complaints and submissions to the police, CPS and local authorities. He played an important role in ensuring that the law was enforced to prevent the display of Hizballah flags at the last “Al Quds Day” march.

Mary Regnier-Leigh

Mary Regnier-Leigh is a solicitor. She spent most of her practice life dealing with property matters, will trusts and probate, and became more interested in planning in recent years.

She has been a local government councillor and a member of two non-departmental public bodies, one of which she chaired for six years. She has a deep knowledge of the practicalities of government in the local and national context.

Mary has been a lifelong Zionist and is particularly interested in the legal background to the creation of the state of Israel and the ongoing legal issues relating to its status and rights. She is very concerned about and is seeking to combat bias and anti-Israeli propaganda in relation to these issues. She is a member of the Board of Deputies and was recently elected to its Defence Division.

Retiring Directors

Julian Hunt retired after 8 years on the Board of UK Lawyers for Israel and the Committee of its unincorporated predecessor. We are very grateful for the enormous contribution he has made to the development of the organisation.

Helene Pines Richman retired from the Board of UK Lawyers for Israel but remains Chair of UKLFI Charitable Trust. Caroline Kendal retired from the Board of UKLFI Ltd but has been appointed a Trustee of UKLFI Charitable Trust.

Chairs Lady Hazel Cosgrove and Jonathan Lux, Treasurer Caroline Turner and Directors Adam Levin, Natasha Hausdorff, Sam Green and Jonathan Turner were re-elected to the Board of UKLFI Ltd.

A new trustee, Susan Storring, has also been appointed.

These changes achieve a substantial reduction in the overlap between the Boards of UKLFI Limited and UKFLI Charitable Trust complying with recent guidance of the Charity Commission.