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More booksellers remove anti-Israel book from websites

The children’s book which deleted Israel from a map of the Middle East has now been removed by more booksellers, following accusations that the book is misleading and biased.

The book, Amazing Women of the Middle East, featured a map that replaced Israel with Palestine, and did not feature any Jewish women amongst the 25 “Amazing Women” that it profiled.

Waterstones no longer lists the book for sale on its website, and has removed the book from its list of titles available to order in the USA. Last month the UK Publisher of the book, Pikku Publishing, pulled the book from its website and online booksellers said that they had withdrawn their stock of the book from sale.

Now stocks of the UK version of the book are running out at Foyles and Blackwells, which continue to advertise the book. Foyles’ website says the book is “not currently available online” and Blackwells says it has one copy.

In December 2021, UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) asked the publishers of “Amazing Women”, both in the UK and the USA, to withdraw the book and re-publish it with a correct map of the Middle East including Israel, and to contain at least one Amazing Woman from Israel. The UK publisher, Pikku, responded by pulling the book from its website, and also removed the resources based on the book from its “Teachers resources” section.

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