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Lock removed for Israeli customers on French waterways website

A UK website specialising in French canal boat holidays has now unblocked pages from its website that were previously blocked to customers based in Israel.

In January this year, told an Israeli customer that the pages had been deliberately blocked for internet addresses for Israel. If Israeli customers tried to access many of the pages, they received a message saying “Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner”.

UK Lawyers for Israel wrote to French waterways in February 2022 pointing out that the organisation was discriminating against Israelis in breach of the Equality Act 2010 (The Act).

The pages were still reported blocked on 5 March by an Israeli user. However, when customers based in Israel accessed the French Waterways website today, all the pages were open to view.

Caroline Turner, director of UKLFI commented: “We are delighted that the French Waterways website is now accessible to Israelis and that this issue has now resolved.”

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