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International Criminal Court: Prosecutor fails to address key arguments

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has filed her Response to the observations of amici curiae, including UKLFI’s submission, on the issue of jurisdiction in relation to “Palestine”. UKLFI Chief Executive Jonathan Turner has now commented on the Prosecutor’s Response in a post published in Opinio Juris.

Although the Prosecutor has insisted that “my Office its executing its mandate concerning Palestine situation with utmost professionalism, independence and objectivity”, her Response fails to address key arguments and seems to claim that it is not for the Judges to decide the issue on which she previously asked them to rule.

The Prosecutor’s defensive tweet appears to be in response to criticisms of apparent collusion with the Palestinian Authority, including a committee comprising representatives of terrorists organisations, published by Palestinian Media Watch HERE.

A video summarising UKLFI’s original observations can be viewed HERE