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Constant Contact ditches Palestine Action

Constant Contact, an online marketing company, is no longer providing Palestine Action with its mailing system.  Palestine Action is the group that specialises in damaging and daubing paint on the buildings of companies of whom they disapprove.

This follows representations from UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) that Palestine Action was in breach of Constant Contact’s terms of business.

Constant Contact is one of a string of organisations that have terminated their provision of services to Palestine Action.  These include GoFundMe, Open Collective, Shopify, Paypal, American Express, Mailchimp, Donorbox and Chuffed.

Palestine Action is likely to have been in breach of clause 5.2. of Constant Contact’s Terms and Conditions of Use headed “Compliance with Laws” which states:

5.2  The Site and the Products shall only be used for lawful purposes and you shall use the Site and the Products only in compliance with this Agreement and all other applicable U.S., state, local and international laws in your jurisdiction

Palestine Action is also likely to have been in breach of clause 5.3 headed “Restrictions on use” which states: “You shall not use the Site or the Products in violation of applicable law or third party rights (including third party terms of service) …”

Palestine Action makes no secret of its criminal activities and proudly lists details of the various criminal actions carried out by the group on the news page of its website.  Another website page gives details of all the trials that are currently listed regarding the damage to property and other actions carried out by members of the Palestine Action group. Their actions include daubing red paint over the buildings of companies of whom they disapprove, smashing their windows, roofs and equipment and preventing their workers from entering. 

Palestine Action had also stated at the bottom of its emails that its address was “77 Shut Elbit Down, London”.  This is a fabricated address based on the head office address of Elbit Systems, which had been at 77 Kingsway, London and was one of the buildings targeted by Palestine Action for its paint splattering and disruption campaigns.

Giving a false address was likely to be in breach of 5.1 (b) of Constant Contact’s Terms and Conditions of Use, which states that users should include a “valid physical address”.