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Antisemitic Posters removed from Piccadilly

Antisemitic posters have now been removed from railings in Piccadilly, following a complaint to Westminster Council assisted by UKLFI.

The offending posters were displayed as part of an art trading stall along the railings of Green Park on Piccadilly. This “art” pitch depicted a multitude of extreme anti-establishment pictures, antisemitic imagery and messages preaching hate and anarchy.

The street trading complaint, while acknowledging the importance of freedom of expression, called on the Council to ensure that London streets remain free from obscene and hate filled  material such as a picture of a policeman on fire, a picture of a policeman being battered with metal poles, a picture of a decapitated little girl, Nazi memorabilia, the promotion of burning churches and slogans demonising Israel and America.

Westminster Council responded by saying that they aimed to deal with the complaint  within 3 working days. The offending material was removed from that pitch and has remained absent for several months.