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Anti-Israel Propaganda Group in Turner Prize shortlist

One of the “artists” shortlisted for the Turner Prize has previously published documents amounting to modern blood libels likely to promote antisemitism and attacks on Jews.

Forensic Architecture has been shortlisted for “developing highly innovative methods for sourcing and visualising evidence relating to human rights abuses around the world, used in courts of law as well as exhibitions of art and architecture”.

However, UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) prepared an analysis in 2016 of publications by the organisation Amnesty International regarding the 2014 armed conflict in Gaza. These publications included in particular a “Gaza Platform” created by Forensic Architecture and a Report based on it.  “We found that the content of that Platform and the Report based on it and the methodology used to produce them were wholly lacking in objectivity and integrity. Indeed they amounted to modern blood libels likely to promote antisemitism and attacks on Jews,” stated to Jonathan Turner, chief executive of UKLFI.

UKLFI has written to Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain, to urge him and his fellow Judges to take this into account when judging the Prize, and warning him of the concern that if the Prize is awarded to Forensic Architecture, this will result in further publicity being given to these lies.

Jonathan Hoffman has written a blog, pointing out how the Forensic Architecture director, Eyal Weizman, has a history of extreme bias against Israel, and how its two exhibits for the Turner Prize at the Tate are similarly biased.   See

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