UKLFI is a voluntary organisation of lawyers who support Israel using their legal skills. 

Our members and supporters employ advocacy, legal research and campaigning to support Israel, Israeli organisations, Israelis, and/or supporters of Israel against BDS and other attempts to undermine, attack or delegitimise them. 

We welcome support from both lawyers and non-lawyers.

Our History

UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) was formed as an unincorporated association in early 2011 by a small group of British lawyers who were concerned about the failure to combat the use and abuse of law by enemies of Israel.  We aimed to mobilise members and supporters to use their skills pro bono to combat BDS and the delegitimisation of Israel.

Early successes (most notably the arrest in Greece of a flotilla of ships intended to sail to Gaza circumventing Israeli restrictions on the transfer of materials to terrorists) convinced us of the utility of these efforts.

We formalised the organisation with a written constitution and invited distinguished British lawyers who support our objectives to be our honorary patrons. On 12 February 2013 we transferred the assets of the unincorporated association to UKLFI Ltd, a non-profit company limited by guarantee with a Board elected by its members.

UKLFI Charitable Trust was registered as a UK Charity in September 2016 to facilitate fund raising from UK donors for parts of our activities that are charitable under UK law.   Some of the activities previously carried on by UKLFI have been transferred  to the Charity.  The Charity now conducts the activities within its charitable objects while UKLFI Ltd continues with operations in other areas.

We now have a considerable list of members and supporters and have carried out a large number of successful projects promoting our objectives.

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