UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

Terror Linked NGOs

Closing down funding platforms of terror linked NGOs

 “Congrats to UKLFI” – Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor

“Congratulations to @UKLFI for stopping “War on Want” PayPal fund raising” – Jewish Human Rights Watch

“Well done!” – Melvin Berwald

“Oh, FANTASTIC NEWS!! Kol hakavod!!” – Susan Storring

 “Amazing success!!!!!” – Adv. Maurice Hirsch, Palestinian Media Watch

“Congratulations!!!” Kol HaKavod!!” – Yifa Segal, International Legal Forum

“Amazing!!! Thanks so much for letting me know and your great work!” – Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor

“Great!! Well done” – Michelle Moshelian

“once again Caroline, a superb job. Israel thanks you and your great organisation” – Pam Kay

Well done to UKLFI” – Charles J Simenoff

“Terrific news Caroline, Kol HaKovod and thanks for the update!” – Yifa Segal, International Legal Forum

“Good work. Keep it up. We need you.” – Rachel Levi