Our Work So Far

Types of legal activity

We undertake a wide range of legal projects and cases in areas including:

  • Pre-emptive and reactive legal activity
  • Case work – in court, before tribunals, etc
  • Advice to government departments, professional bodies, universities, local, authorities, etc
  • Formal complaints to regulatory and professional bodies.
  • Submissions to legal consultations
  • Educational projects and training
  • Regular reports on legal developments
  • UK and international reach
  • We work with everyone across political spectrum – from key community organisations to grassroots activists.

Our Work So Far

Our successes in 2017

  • We played a major role in defeating the Palestinian Football Association’s attempt to suspend the Israeli Football Association from FIFA.
  • We ensured that none of the BDS resolutions passed by the Students’ Unions at City University of London, and Manchester University were implemented and helped StandWithUs defeat a BDS motion at Bath University.
  • We assisted students to obtain the removal of posters promoting academic boycotts of Israel at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Middlesex University and of an offensive banner referring to “Israeli ethnic cleansing” at the University of East Anglia.
  • Our efforts combatting misuse of students’ unions to promote BDS and other anti-Israel campaigns resulted in the Charity Commission opening a general inquiry.
  • Our evidence to the investigation by University College London (UCL) into the violent disruption of its Israel Society meeting addressed by Hen Mazzig was referenced in its report and contributed significantly to its findings and recommendations.
  • We assisted a student at QMUL lecture to complain successfully about a lecture on medical ethics that launched into a diatribe against Israel and a student at LSE whose dissertation was marked down due to anti-Israel bias
  • We were partially successful in restricting “Israeli Apartheid Week” activities at British universities.
  • We authored “Know Your Rights”, a guide for British students on how to use the law against antisemitism and anti-Israel activity launched by StandWithUs and UKLFI.
  • We obtained the removal of anti-Israel propaganda from annual exhibitions of Christmas trees by a charity at Worcester Cathedral and ensured that London transport and London taxis did not carry advertisements demonising Israel.
  • We used the centenary of the Balfour Declaration to promote the legitimacy of the State of Israel and its rights in relation to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria: we organised a major legal conference in London, attended by over 160 people, sessions at another conference on the legal effects of the Balfour Declaration and League of Nations Mandate, and the screening of the documentary film, “Whose Land?”, about the legal basis of the founding of Israel. We also participated in a conference on Israel’s rights in The Hague, which led to the preparation of a statement of the participating jurists on the status of Jerusalem and territories captured by Israel in 1967
  • Our directors gave several talks on how the law can be used to combat BDS and other efforts to undermine Israel and we organised seminars on anti-semitism addressed by leading expert Dr Anthony Julius and on Israel’s security challenges by Amb. Arthur Koll. We also continued to circulate our bulletins on legal developments relating to efforts to undermine Israel
  • Our warnings that British officials were committing terrorist offences by transferring funds to the main treasury account of the Palestinian Authority (PA) contributed to major changes in the British government’s funding of the PA
  • We helped to rebut criticism of the definition of antisemitism formulated by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and adopted by the British and other governments as well as many other public authorities
  • We assisted the Jerusalem Institute of Justice to prepare a submission to the International Criminal Court (ICC) drawing its attention to war crimes committed by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, and received confirmation that our submission demonstrating the falsity of claims made by Amnesty International is being considered by the Prosecutor.
  • We provided submissions to executives of Councils in Northern Ireland explaining why it would be illegal to implement BDS resolutions
  • We responded to consultations by UK public bodies on hate crime, the Code of Conduct for MPs, the Middle East Peace Process, the handling complaints regarding the BBC, and freedom of speech at universities. We also briefed MPs on legal issues relevant to the Middle East Peace Process and British funding of the PA
  • We wrote to the International Judo Federation (IJF) drawing attention to the violations of its Statute and Code of Ethics and of the Olympic Code of Ethics by Abu Dhabi in denying Israelis the right to participate in a competition as members of an Israeli team. Following our representations, the medal list on the IJF’s website was revised so as to recognise Israeli medal winners.
  • We wrote to the UK Home Office explaining why Sheikh Ekrima Sabri should be excluded from the UK. He was excluded.

Our Work So Far

Our achievements

  • We stopped a flotilla sailing illegally from Greece to Gaza
  • We’ve obstructed fundraising and money transfers in support of terrorism
  • We thwarted an attempt by the RIBA to have the Israeli architects’ association suspended from the International Union of Architects
  • We’ve obtained the removal of plaques and posters defaming Israel and prevented the implementation of BDS resolutions at numerous universities
  • We’ve helped Jewish and Israel student societies defeat attempts to shut down their events
  • We’ve defended supporters of Israel against false allegations by anti-Israel activists
  • The Advertising Standards Authority upheld our complaints about advertising by the Palestinian Authority which laid claim to the whole of Israel and by a charity that denigrated Israel
  • We’ve resisted attempts to get local councils to boycott Israeli goods and companies which operate in Israel and exposed bogus claims of success by the BDS movement
  • We assisted a Palestinian Christian, who was threatened with death because she spoke up in favour of Israel, to obtain political asylum in Britain
  • We’ve assisted Councillors to stop anti-Israel propaganda in schools and on Council premises
  • We complained to the Lord Chancellor about a judge who let anti-Israel bias affect his conduct of a trial; the judge was formally reprimanded

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