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More credit card facilities closed down for terrorist linked NGOs

Three more Palestinian NGOs have had their credit card donation facilities withdrawn, following complaints that they were linked to a terrorist organisation and to the Boycott Divestments and Sanctions movement. The NGOs are Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Stop the Wall and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.

These organisations, along with the Union of Agricultural Work Committee, had a credit card donations page operated by a US based company, Grassroots International.  Grassroots provides financial support to “social change” movements and institutions.    However the Palestinian organisations that Grassroots had signed up as its “partners” were virulently anti-Israel BDS supporting and in some cases had links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP),  an active terrorist group, designated by the UK, US and EU.

Grassroots in turn had signed up with Democracy Engine, a Washington based organisation which offers fundraising tools to empower donors to support organisations and issues they care about. Democracy Engine has now agreed to end its relationship with Grassroots International, so the 4 Palestinian NGOs will lose their credit card donations facilities.

Grassroots International had been in the midst of a fundraising campaign for their  Palestinian partners and had been urging people to donate and show their solidarity with the “March of the Return”.   The interruption to this fundraising drive for Palestinian terrorists is welcomed by UKLFI.