UKLFI: Supporting Israel with legal skills

Anti-Israel Human Rights barrister reported to Bar Standards Board

The Bar Standards Board is investigating a complaint regarding the disgraceful conduct of Simone O’Broin (aka Simone Burns) , an unregistered barrister,  on an Air India Flight from Mumbai to Heathrow.

Sam Green, a director of UKLFI,  has submitted the complaint.

Simone O’Broin is a UK trained International Lawyer who has worked for anti-Israel groups such as BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights.  David Collier has uncovered some of her previous behaviour in his blog here:

Simone O’Broin: The white supremacy of the Palestinian cause and BDS

In the course of her ranting on the Air India flight, Ms O’Broin said:

  • And you treat Business Class passengers like that? Who are international criminal lawyers for the Palestinian people.

  • I’m working for all your people. The fucking Rohynga, the fucking (inaudible), the fucking people of all nations.

  • Four years international criminal lawyer, don’t get any money for it by the way, but you can’t give me a fucking glass of wine. Is that correct?

  • Also, leader of the fucking boycott movement so if I say boycott fucking Air India; done. If I say boycott Jet Airways; done. Now, do you understand me? Do you understand me? Yes? You can’t give me a wee bottle of wine what’s the price you pay for that?

  • Use this to write a report about me is it? Fuck off. I’m a fucking international criminal lawyer and a fucking barrister. [proceeds to assault stewardess]

  • You will be pissed on in court.

  • Human rights lawyer, fucking Palestinian people and the rest of you, you’re all sitting on your fucking arses and looking because you haven’t got the fucking balls to speak up for injustice, have you?

  • And you’re fucking phoning the police? You’re fucking joking me. I’m a fucking barrister, human rights lawyer, I’m an international criminal lawyer for the fucking Palestinian people. You think I’m scared you threaten me with bollocks?

  • You’ll be stabbed in your fucking heads. Also Irish Republican Army, you’ll be fucking shot.

  • You said police are going to touch me at Heathrow Airport, you’ve got another fucking thing coming, yeah.

  • The Rohynga, the fucking [inaudible] shall I do it [inaudible] legal and all the peoples of the world by myself

  • Don’t think I fucking can’t prove everything I say because I fucking can