This page sets out feedback received from some of those whom we have helped and from readers of our bulletins. Feedback on our joint conference with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Legal challenges and opportunities in Israeli policy and advocacy is on the conference page

Professional legal services mentioned in the feedback have been provided by members or supporters of UKLFI as practising lawyers and not by UKLFI as an organisation. Further information about how we operate is provided here


From some of those helped through UKLFI

I am a Christian pro-Israel advocate/activist who has been standing with Sussex Friends of Israel for over a year now, countering the BDS protest in Brighton against the Israeli Sodastream company owned shop called ‘Ecostream’.

Somehow I was reported to the police and an action taken against me for alleged personal harassment of an individual. I voluntarily went to the Police Station to express my side of things and to try and place it within a frame-work. Unfortunately I was a little naive and probably didn’t help myself soon falling foul of the system that seemed intent on processing my case and getting a conviction against me.

 I was put in touch with Julian Hunt who immediately put me at ease and cut to the chase about what was pertinent to the case, believing all the time that they had nothing substantial with which to make their case. Throughout the whole time, I was encouraged and offered sound advice that allayed any misgivings I had about British justice…Julian actually turned, what could have been an unpleasant experience, into a very positive one, giving me a little glimpse into the machinations of our legal system in a humorous and insightful manner.

I cannot commend UKLFI highly enough for their help and direct communication via Julian…I actually felt I mattered as a person, and realise that having close, friendly, individual contact makes such a difference in these sorts of situations.

Many many thanks“.


I am a blogger journalist who covers anti-Israel protests and events. In this instance I had gone to cover an anti-Israel protest outside the Veolia-sponsored Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Veolia is a company which has carried out extensive work in Israel and so this exhibition was a regular target for anti-Israel activists who would hand out poisonous literature about Israel to people waiting in the queue.

As was my norm I would photograph and film these activities from a reasonable distance for my blog. I thought nothing else of it until I received a phonecall some six weeks later from the police saying that allegations of harassment had been made against me. I was told that I had been filming too closely and that I would be investigated for causing two male anti-Israel activists harassment, alarm and distress.

UKLFI immediately took on my case without question. I knew I had done nothing wrong but I could not believe that the police were proceeding with an investigation into my filming of a street protest. UKLFI put an incredible amount of unpaid time into researching the law and writing emails. At one stage the case even reached the desk of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

After many months I was eventually called in for an interview by the police. UKLFI’s Julian Hunt briefed me in advance and attended at the police station with me. We sat for about an hour as I addressed the allegations made against me.

After another month of waiting I finally received a phone-call from the police telling me that they were not proceeding with the complaint and that the investigation would be dropped. It was a huge relief.

 The allegations, the real aim of which were to intimidate me, were lies that culminated in a monumental waste of police time. That said, I do not know where it all might have ended up without the research, work and support of UKLFI.

I cannot thank Julian and UKLFI enough for what they did for me and I hope I won’t be needing them again, but they are becoming a necessity for those trying to expose anti-Semitism in the UK or for doing nothing more than presenting Israel’s case.”


My admiration and gratitude to UKLFI is beyond words for your significant contribution to hasbarah with the Newry and Mourne District Council counter-offensive.

Hopefully the recipients of your persuasive letter to Newry and Mourne District Council will, through your action, come to realise the underlying bias and discrimination, even at an unconscious level, which motivated or coloured their support for their proposed motion.

This, surely, points the ways ahead.



In the last year, individually and as part of Sussex Friends of Israel, I have needed on a few separate occasions the help, advice and support of UKLFI. I have always been treated with an incredible level professionalism and utmost courtesy. The Lawyers at UKLFI have always provided me with the most sage words of advice and practical help. It is incredibly reassuring to know that Julian Hunt and UKLFI are always there for us, as and when needed and we can always be assured of their help whenever the situation arises I cannot recommend them highly enough nor thank them adequately. I look forward to working with Julian and all at UKLFI in the future.”


… have agreed this morning to our request to display an exhibition in the University which will give the true facts regarding the security fence. I believe this is a unique situation and is a testimony to the many people who wrote in support for our request to have this display exhibited but not least a testimony to the encouragement we received from yourself and David Lewis which helped us to press in and persist in our desire to see the truth taught in our communities. So a Big Big -thank you to yourself for the time and advice you gave and to David and UKLFI who are such a blessing to all of us who work in the field of advocacy.” 

From readers of the UKFLI Bulletin

Many thanks for your informative email.”

I have been very impressed with all your hard work. I really do appreciate your regular email updates.”

I always find [the UKLFI weekly updates] very interesting and useful.”

Clean, succinct and informative.”

Excellent email.”

Wow, great work. Kol hakavod.”

Very informative, I thought.”

Your updates are always the most interesting ones I receive, but this one was even more so – with the update on the struggle in Hackney. I only hope we see more of these “wins” in the future.”

A great weekly email – thanks for all your work with Veolia and also for being in contact with your supporters over issues arising due to recent events.”

Very good newsletter. Thank you.”

Thank you for your informative weekly update.”

Fantastic advice on letter writing, or indeed a formula for any discourse with our detractors.”

Really informative newsletter, especially your tips about writing letters.”

Thank you again for the blessed work that you and the others are doing with regards to Israel.”

Thanks for the hat-tip! (and amazing miraculous work as always).”

Thank you for the useful newsletter and for all the excellent work of UKLFI.”

I find all the material you circulate most interesting whether it is called a bulletin or whatever else.”

The newsletter is really great – thank you for all the hard work you and the committee are putting in.”

Just a brief … message … to wish you “Hag Sameach”, and to say how much I appreciate receiving your informative emails – obviously I wish there were no need for them, but am grateful to know there is so much good work going on.”

This is really important behind the scenes stuff – I particularly liked the Warwick Uni result. I am really glad we had the talk at Wimbledon Synagogue and I am now a supporter.”

These bulletins are excellent, thanks for sending them through.” (Journalist)

Regarding my interests the Bulletin is more informative than any other news source I have available.” (West Country supporter)

Thanks for these extremely informative bulletins. The info on EU funding in West Bank/Northern Cyprus is particularly interesting. I work closely with the institutions of the EU so am always keen to investigate the attitudes and policies relating to Israel …

… I was impressed by [the] detailed reply to my email, and also by the weekly newsletter sent out, and the list of voluntary opportunities shows that you mean business! (I’ve messaged a few pro-Israeli activists on Facebook to try and promote you there.) Good luck!!.”

Terrific as usual.”

Excellent, David. Thank you very much for sending this to me. It gives me added ammunition in advocacy toolbox for Israel.”

So very impressive! What a line up.”

Well done to all concerned.”

I very much appreciate receiving your bulletins.”

I found some of the material you sent me in your last bulletin terribly useful.”

FANTASTIC work men!!!!!!

Allow me also to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people that are involved in the wonderful job of UKLFI. I enjoy reading the weekly updates and feel very proud of being a member in this excellent organisation.”

I have been following the UKLFI Bulletin with interest …., many thanks for your effort and investment in preparing it and keeping us informed.”

This is an excellent and extremely impressive bulletin. Keep up the good work and add me to your list.”

Great newsletter as usual …. Well done for acting at UCL.”

The content of this email is excellent.”

UKLFI are doing a wonderful job and deserve huge thanks and support.”

Thank you for another interesting and informative UKLFI Bulletin.”

UKLFI does a fantastic job.”

With so much going on in your bulletin I’m practically dizzy.  You are doing an amazing amount of work to keep tabs on BDS and combat it.”

And thank you and all at UKLFI for all the information, support and, well everything.  Truly amazing.”

Another first rate bulletin; many thanks.”

Thank you for another excellent and very informative Bulletin.  It contains so much interesting and useful information.  Please be assured that all the hard work by yourself and the team is hugely admired and much appreciated.”

Thank you for the great voluntary work that you do.”

The work of UKLFI is very much appreciated.”

Just to say a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone, with my best wishes for continuing success.”

Thank you for this very full explanation of recent events and well done to you. Best wishes.”

Congratulations on the outstanding work being done by UKLFI.”

Great Bulletin.”

Thank you for a most impressive, informative and educational Bulletin and I am so grateful for the hugely important work you are doing for our community and Israel.”


About our events

Thank you so much for putting in all the work you did to prepare for this evening. I very much appreciate it, as I know all the members of Bournemouth Action for Israel did.  Instead of hearing the usual anti-Israel diatribe …. we heard a legal explanation of the situation, as it unfolded in the Middle East. … [Members of] the audience, who hopefully took a more considered view of the situation, after your presentation.”