Our Work

Our achievements

  • We stopped a flotilla sailing illegally from Greece to Gaza
  • We’ve obstructed fundraising and money transfers in support of terrorism
  • We thwarted an attempt by the RIBA to have the Israeli architects’ association suspended from the International Union of Architects
  • We’ve obtained the removal of plaques and posters defaming Israel and prevented the implementation of BDS resolutions at numerous universities
  • We’ve helped Jewish and Israel student societies defeat attempts to shut down their events
  • We’ve defended supporters of Israel against false allegations by anti-Israel activists
  • The Advertising Standards Authority upheld our complaints about advertising by the Palestinian Authority which laid claim to the whole of Israel and by a charity that denigrated Israel
  • We’ve resisted attempts to get local councils to boycott Israeli goods and companies which operate in Israel and exposed bogus claims of success by the BDS movement
  • We assisted a Palestinian Christian, who was threatened with death because she spoke up in favour of Israel, to obtain political asylum in Britain
  • We’ve assisted Councillors to stop anti-Israel propaganda in schools and on Council premises
  • We complained to the Lord Chancellor about a judge who let anti-Israel bias affect his conduct of a trial; the judge was formally reprimanded
  • We authored “Know Your Rights”, a guide for British students on how to use the law against antisemitism and anti-Israel activity launched by StandWithUs and UKLFI.

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