Our Work 

How We Work

We operate in various different ways depending on the case.

  1. In some matters we act as an organisation, making representations, providing or seeking information, or challenging the conduct of public authorities, companies, organisations or individuals.
  2. Alternatively, we may encourage members or supporters, as individual members of the public, to make representations, provide or seek information, or challenge conduct. In this case, members or supporters are acting on behalf of themselves, not for any client.
  3. Sometimes we refer a matter to a member or supporter with a view to him or her acting on a professional basis for a particular client, either pro bono or under an appropriate fee arrangement. If the member or supporter agrees to act, he or she is responsible for complying with applicable professional rules and obligations to his or her employer or partner.
  4. In other cases, members or supporters may provide background assistance on a non-professional basis, provided professional rules are observed and the recipient of the help is aware of its non-professional nature.

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