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Join us

If you are a lawyer and share our aims, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please complete our Membership Application Form and then email it to us at


How you could be involved as a member

Everything is done on a voluntary, opt-in basis.  You do not have to participate in any project unless you are willing, able and have the time to do it.

We would ask for your assistance pro bono in most cases, although some matters may be funded by clients on a fee-paying basis or under conditional or contingent fee arrangements, and we may be able to raise funds from donors for some other projects which require major commitments.

From time to time we will circulate a call for volunteers to assist with a particular project.

Or we may contact a specific member who has expertise in the relevant area.

Or we may invite members to send letters on particular issues.

We also circulate information, documents and details of lectures of particular interest to lawyers supporting Israel.

And if you do not have time for anything, we welcome your support all the same.

How we operate

We operate in various different ways depending on the case.

In some matters we act as an organisation, making representations, providing or seeking information, or challenging the conduct of public authorities, companies, organisations or individuals.

Alternatively, we may encourage members or supporters, as individual members of the public, to make representations, provide or seek information, or challenge conduct. In this case, members or supporters are acting on behalf of themselves, not for any client.

Sometimes we refer a matter to a member or supporter with a view to him or her acting on a professional basis for a particular client, either pro bono or under an appropriate fee arrangement. If the member or supporter agrees to act, he or she is responsible for complying with applicable professional rules and obligations to his or her employer or partner.

In other cases, members or supporters may provide background assistance on a non-professional basis, provided professional rules are observed and the recipient of the help is aware of its non-professional nature.

Support us

If you are not a lawyer and would like to support us, or are a lawyer who would like to support us without joining us, please let us know by emailing


We undertake a wide variety of very interesting and worthwhile matters, often requiring innovative use of laws or regulations. If you are interested in volunteering or working as an intern, please email


Although most of our activities are voluntary, we need some money to operate at all, and we wish to build up a fund to enable important cases to be fought effectively, and to indemnify those fighting them against adverse costs orders.

If you would like to make a donation to UKLFI, please email