About us: our aims, honorary patrons and organisation

Our aims

UKLFI’s objects, as set out in our Articles of Association, are:

  • To provide, assist in providing, procure or promote the provision of legal support including advocacy, research, advice and campaigning in combating attempts to undermine, attack and/or delegitimise Israel, Israeli organisations, Israelis and/or supporters of Israel
  • To organise basic training for lawyers on international law and Israel, to enable them to engage in a balanced way in public debates
  • To provide, assist in providing, procure or promote the provision of assistance to students at university who require protection against anti-semitism, hate speech, et cetera, to help them to exercise their rights under the general law and the regulations of their universities
  • To enable networking among like-minded lawyers in the UK and the efficient sharing of resources, experience and best practices
  • To foster links with, support and cooperate with like-minded groups from the USA, Europe, Israel and other countries
  • To contribute generally as lawyers to creating a supportive climate of opinion in the UK towards Israel

Our honorary patrons

We are honoured by the support of our patrons:
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Carlile CBE, FRSA, QC
Sir Anthony Colman
The Rt. Hon. The Lady Cosgrove CBE, QC
Baroness Deech DBE, QC
Professor Sir Elihu Lauterpacht CBE, QC
Sir Ivan Lawrence QC
Sir Gavin Lightman QC
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Millett PC QC
The Lord Pannick QC
Professor Richard Susskind OBE
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Trimble PC
Rosalind Wright CB QC

Our organisation

UK Lawyers for Israel and UKLFI are operating names of UKLFI Limited, a company limited by guarantee. Our activities are steered by a committee of officers elected by our members or co-opted by the officers in accordance with the Articles of Association.

If you are a lawyer and you would like to join UKLFI, please email info@uklfi.com with the word Membership at the beginning of the subject line. Membership is open to practising and retired lawyers, legal academics and law students in the UK and other jurisdictions, and such other persons as the committee may think fit, who share our objectives.

If you want to support UKLFI without being a member, please let us know by emailing info@uklfi.com with the word Support at the beginning of the subject line. We welcome support from both lawyers and non-lawyers.

UKLFI Limited is the successor to an unincorporated association which operated under the names UK Lawyers for Israel and UKLFI. References on this website to “UK Lawyers for Israel”, “UKLFI” (or “we”, etc.) relate as applicable to UKLFI Limited or the predecessor association.